Your annual back to school All Night Skate is scheduled. It will be held Friday August 8th 2014 from 7pm to 6am. Cost is $20.00 to enter and $2.00 for any rental skate. If you book online via our website you can beat the lines and come in at 6 pm!!!!! Plenty of games and fun are planned…Please let us know if you have a favorite game we can play during the night. One of our best Spartanburg County Officers will be staying with us all night to enjoy the fun. Please call with any questions.

Call to find out our weekday hours!!!!864-415-0633 or 864-576-8550

You must come and see all of the renovations we have made. We have remodeled the entire inside of our building. Come and see the updates with our new modern look, new lights…. and our NEW LARGER PARTY ROOMS!!!!!!!
You can now book your party online. Go to the Skating Parties tab.

School is back in!!!!Book your class, team, or club a skating trip. Call Dina to book.. Call 576-8550 or 415-0633 ! Everyone wants are kids to get more exercise…what better exercise…skating is fun and is great for you!!!!!!